Exhibiting @ Sigradi 2010 in Bogota, 17-18-19 November: Computing & Materialization 01

Yazici, S. Tanacan, L., Sigradi 10 Conference Proceeding, The Optimization of the Double-Curved Computational Surface through the Materialization Process.

“The 2010 SIGRADI Conference in Bogota will encourage reflection on the discontinuities and continuities that characterize creative processes and project design across different disciplines.The activities involved in making products, offering services, or providing infrastructure usually require the systematic development of models, innovatory prototypes and finished products. ”

›› Design supported by collaborative ambients (CAD-i)
›› Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI and HMHI)
›› Visualization and decision making
›› Urban interventions
›› New media in heritage conservation
›› Didactics and curriculum
›› Disruption poetics


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