Awarded with the Scientific Research Projects Grant

I am pleased to announce that I got awarded with the Scientific Research Projects Grant for my PhD research project titled “Design Optimization Through Material in Architecture” which I undertake at Istanbul Technical University Department of Architecture, Building Technology and Material Science Division.

 “Parallel to the developments within the digital media, techniques used in architectural design processes are widely extended.  Architectural form is liberated through the advanced 3D modelling techniques and parametric design tools , where architectural designer is able to manipulate free-form matter with high level of sophistication.  However, these forms are generated without considering constraints of physical materials and represent an abstract reality. In today’s innovative practices, architectural designer needs top-down engineering solutions to realize complex forms at architectural scale. This research aims to bring issues related to the materialization to the beginning of the architectural design process with a bottom-up approach,  where architectural designer can investigate the form-finding and building processes simultaneously.”


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