Planarity Analysis

There are various ways to subdivide complex surfaces and build curvilinear forms. Planar quadrilateral panels obtain a number of important advantages over triangular panels, considering discrete surface solutions; since they have smaller number of edges, resulting in smaller number of supporting beams following the edges. Planarity Analysis by Evolute plug-in for the software Rhinoceros 4 has been undertaken to map problem areas.

Two types of solution is considered as feasible. The panels are generated via the points located on the U & V curves of the surface.


4 responses to “Planarity Analysis

  1. zayad motlib

    would love to see experiment analysis, procedure, methodology …

  2. Once the panels are generated, the planarity analysis is undertaken (Evolute plug-in of Rhinoceros) to map problem areas. Planar quadrilateral panels have advantage in terms structural feasibility. Sure, I will be posting more of my experiments soon.

    Hope it is clear!

  3. Dear Sevil,
    just wanted to point out that EvoluteTools is a paneling and geometry optimization plugin for Rhino, not an analysis plugin.
    We can use the plugin to optimize the panel layout for constraints like: planarity, seam smoothness, closeness to reference software, panel edge length, ballpacking and several other.
    Thank you for the article !

  4. Dear Florin,
    Thanks for your note. I am aware that Evolute is capable for geometry optimization. However, I used the tool for the Planarity Analysis of panels. I work on a method where the geometry can be optimized via the material properties.


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