Variations for Panelization of the Architectural Geometry

To realize complex freeform surfaces, one has to segment the shape into simpler parts, so-called panels ( Schiftner, N. Baldassini, P. Bo, H. Pottmann, 2008). Various methods to subdivide the geometry have been investigated including quadrilateral, triangular, diamond shaped panels.


2 responses to “Variations for Panelization of the Architectural Geometry

  1. zayad motlib

    where can we find some materials about the methodology?

  2. Basically, I used an algorithm for the panelization. There are various tools to subdivide a complex surface into componenets (panels). I used a combination of Paneling Tools + Evolute for Rhino. Once I parametrically define, the architectural geometry, points are assigned to the respective U-V curves on the surface. The algorithm computes the panel shape, size, curvature value where I pre-define the panel type, as quadrilateral, triangular, diamond shaped etc.

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