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Exhibiting @ Sigradi 2010 in Bogota, 17-18-19 November: Computing & Materialization 01

Yazici, S. Tanacan, L., Sigradi 10 Conference Proceeding, The Optimization of the Double-Curved Computational Surface through the Materialization Process.

“The 2010 SIGRADI Conference in Bogota will encourage reflection on the discontinuities and continuities that characterize creative processes and project design across different disciplines.The activities involved in making products, offering services, or providing infrastructure usually require the systematic development of models, innovatory prototypes and finished products. ”

›› Design supported by collaborative ambients (CAD-i)
›› Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI and HMHI)
›› Visualization and decision making
›› Urban interventions
›› New media in heritage conservation
›› Didactics and curriculum
›› Disruption poetics


Material Formations @ London Festival of Architecture (LFA) 2010 / Spontaneous Schooling Exhibition

Workshop: Material Formations_ 01

Material Formations: The workshop that I was running at ITU will be exhibited and published as a part of the London Festival of Architecture. 
About Material Formations:
The workshop consists of 14 student aims that they question the material and form within an integral design strategy. Materials with inherent characteristics are able to perform differently when forces are applied. The intent is designing with a ‘bottom up’ approach where the material performance derive the actual design process, unlike the generic approach where the materialisation take place within a ‘top down’ engineering solution. The aim is to generate the form through the knowledge of the material intelligence within an algorithmic system by investigating the notions such as generative systems, evolutionary design, rule-based design and by formalizing the system structure based on geometric relations & computing. Building elements such as structural system, building skin, floor, roof etc. are re-evaluated, and transformed into a continuous system derived by the material performance. The students investigated the material behaviour & its performance through prototyping processes.

About the Event at London Festival of Architecture: Spontaneous Schooling

18 June – 4 July 2010
Opening 6 – 11pm 18 June
Roundtable on workshops at 6pm
3.01 Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street (entrance from Bethnal Green Road)
Sponsored by Nous 4m and Derwent London
About the exhibition at ITU: Material Formations & Prototypes
14 May- 30 June 2010
ITU Department of Architecture: 109, Taskisla Taksim 34437 Istanbul / TR