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Form Active Structures. 02

Different stiffness values (S= 125 to 4000) for the springs are tested. Following the selection of the solution with S=1000, the geometry is adjusted by shifting one corner to break the symmetry and generate large spans.


Multipurpose Hall Design. 02

Multipurpose Hall Design. 03

Organized Complexity. 04

Organized Complexity. 02

Components Generated by GH 02

Computational Surface Generation

Computational surface generation through the GH interface
f (x) = y * sin (z * x)
This research aims to investigate the generative process of components that belong to a double-curved computational surface, derived through the mathematical curve function f (x) = y* sin (z*x°) applied in two distinct directions. The surface parameters are able to vary and create time-based differentiated formal outputs in a digital parametric system. The parametric system is established through the set of rules and defined relations based on the McNeel Rhinocereos / Grasshopper platform. Geometry optimization becomes the integral part of the design process when the parametric model shifts into the architectural scale. Please visit: to watch the animation.