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Form Active Structures. 01

Although some studies investigate physics based dynamic systems to generate structurally efficient forms and incorporate forms with fabrication constraints and performance requirements, there is a gap in the current research questioning of how to link structurally efficient architectural geometry with material.

The proposed methodology consists of form-finding, analysis, evaluation and optimization. It offers a dynamic system for form-finding via catenary model generated in parametric design medium, Grasshopper plug-in Kangaroo add-on. Various stiffness values for the material (spring) are used to test different structural options. The feasible geometry is investigated further via surface analyses and panelization tools.

By imposing the loads and boundary conditions and by assigning the architectural material (structural steel), Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis is operated to assess the structural performance of the geometry. In the last stage, input and output parameters are defined for optimization where mechanical properties of the material and thickness of the geometry are interlinked to the equivalent stress and the total deformations.


Seminar@ Istanbul Technical University

 I was kindly invited to give a seminar as a part of the course called Contemporary Building Materials (MIM 328) at the Istanbul Technical University, Department of Architecture. ‘Material based Design Computing’  seminar is based on interpretation of my past work & current work by ParaMaterial in perspectives to the historical and contemporary framework of architectural design, as well as design computing.

Workshop: Material Formations_ 05