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Planarity Analysis

There are various ways to subdivide complex surfaces and build curvilinear forms. Planar quadrilateral panels obtain a number of important advantages over triangular panels, considering discrete surface solutions; since they have smaller number of edges, resulting in smaller number of supporting beams following the edges. Planarity Analysis by Evolute plug-in for the software Rhinoceros 4 has been undertaken to map problem areas.

Two types of solution is considered as feasible. The panels are generated via the points located on the U & V curves of the surface.


Variations for Panelization of the Architectural Geometry

To realize complex freeform surfaces, one has to segment the shape into simpler parts, so-called panels ( Schiftner, N. Baldassini, P. Bo, H. Pottmann, 2008). Various methods to subdivide the geometry have been investigated including quadrilateral, triangular, diamond shaped panels.

Workshop: Material Formations_ 07